Casa conducts north west flight path checks on an average of once every 4 hours. They do a thorough safety review every 12-15 weeks and if required they can request additional investigation. This was the case with the recent incident, this was due to a safety concern and the investigation involved no further action by the FAA.

In June we received a report on a flight over the Columbia Plateau in Oregon of an aerodromedic safety alarm being heard as a pljarvees.comane made the passover at Portland Airport. This incident did not occur during the flight.

On May 28th 2017 we received a report that 바카라사이트a passenger had a possible case of altitude sickness when she took an unannounced flight from Portland to Seattle. The flight was also an unannounced, non-stop flight. An alert was issued when a crew member noticed that a passenger appeared to be in a disoriented or confused state. We contacted the airline and they had them check the flight details and check for any potential problem with the flight. No issues were found and the person on the plane remained seated.

As an added safety measure, the aircraft had the airplane cabin door closed. We did a complete checklist check of the cabin as requested by the pilot and air traffic controllers and discovered the door was closed.

When an aircra바카라사이트ft is flying over the Columbia Plateau it is an unusual and dangerous circumstance. There are reports of planes being forced to make an emergency landing by aircraft coming into the mountain range, this is more common in the winter months when the air can be clear. Air traffic controllers would advise the flight to go out in an alternate direction as the area is usually foggy. We do not know the reason for the closed door door, it may just be for safety reasons or it may indicate that someone is ill and they will need to be carried out to the hospital or other approved site within the airport. Please contact us if you witness a plane that may require an emergency landing. If you see anything unusual or suspicious, please call us and speak to a crew member if you are present.

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