Question by The Truth Hurts !: What types of "healthy food" should I eat ?
I am currently on a quest to weight loss..I ate the right amount of calories to lose weight, but I was told that if I don't eat healthy food I wouldn't see results is that true ?

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Answer by Melissa B
Definitely true! You can eat the right amount of calories, but if those calories are all coming courtesy of junk foods you won't see much in the way of results.

Limiting white sugars and starches will help. Try to eat lean protein at each meal (fish, chicken, turkey, certain cuts of beef). Make sure that you don't cut out fat entirely - you'll want to eat healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados. Getting enough fiber is also really important. Eggs are a great food to eat when you are dieting/trying to eat healthy. They're cheap, filling, and one of the most nutrient-rich foods around (the bulk of the egg's nutrients, as well as it's fat, are found in the yolk, while just the white alone, is a great source of protein).

Good luck!

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