Planning nsw tries to sort out gomeroi dispute with whitehaven (video) 01:44

The council is to hold a special meeting to review what has been reported.

media_camera A Gomeroi farmer has refused to accept a payment of $30 a week to keep his farm running on a shoestring. Picture: David Jones

The Whitehaven Council has been criticized for holding a closed meeting over issues including how to pay for roads to and from the area - and how to deal with a spate of landless homeowners.

City Manager Andrew Kynaston says the council needs to set up a task force to review how the council is managing the area.

"It is our responsibility," he said.

"We have all these community issues but there seems to be a common refrain that we have to have a different structure."

Kynaston said he would not be drawn into details of how the Gomeroi community would be affected by the closed council meeting.

"What we'll try to do is bring some balance to that and deal with the issues we've raised.

"But the bottom line is we've got to pay the mortgage for whitehaven... at the moment we are looking at making the cash available, but we don't think we will be able to pay for the road yet."

Kynaston said the council was open to looking at alternatives.

"We want to be in contact with all of the interested parties and we'd like to do that before deciding what's best," he said.

"Our priority is that 더킹카지노we maintain a stable and stable relationship with the whitehaven community."

media_camera Whitehaven Council staff have received complaints about an 'unsustainable business plan' from owners of the Gomeroi Farm. Picture: David Jones

Earlier this week, a business plan was leaked - outlining how Whitehaven would pay for the acquisition of at least 15 per cent of the area's land, and a plan to construct affordable housing on about $5 million in farmland at some point over the next four years.

Mr Kynaston said Whitehaven was concerned about the plans and wanted them looked into before deciding what it should do with the land.

"Some of it is really interesting," he said.

"The land values will ri우리카지노se and we'll be the minority landowner when that happens, but we've got to come up with some alternative way of doing things, which can be sustainable and which can be equitable."



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