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Coles sets august 29 deadline free reusable plastic bags will be made available to the public.

This will be offered through the company's online shop.

Lucky for them, I'm also able to pick up plastic bags that I've made myself from cardboard and tin foil and use them in a project, no more reusing my [...]

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Gervais arnett set for office season finale


"Sue" in "Gervais is an American comedian who began her acting career when she met his then-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Aniston. She gained fame for roles in such movies as "Parenthood" and "Babes in Toyland." After 더킹카지노moving to London in 2013, she went on to [...]

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Casa conducts north west flight path checks on an average of once every 4 hours. They do a thorough safety review every 12-15 weeks and if required they can request additional investigation. This was the case with the recent incident, this was due to a safety concern and the investigation involved no further action by [...]

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Three dead in wheatbelt crash in Wirathu district

A man was killed and two others seriously injured after a tractor trailer plowed into a wheatbelt.

The incident happened at about 5.40pm local time in Wirathu, in west Kenya's Kibera district, where many farmers have been trying to sell crops.

A resident said the [...]

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Fijianas rugby sevens dream ends with fifth now in grasp but all bets off to win

A week after beating England 15-5 in Cardiff, Fiji are coming off three straight defeats including the 5-15 loss to Argentina, and have lost three of their last four meetings with England and Wales.

The victory against the hosts [...]

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