Three dead in wheatbelt crash in Wirathu district

A man was killed and two others seriously injured after a tractor trailer plowed into a wheatbelt.

The incident happened at about 5.40pm local time in Wirathu, in west Kenya's Kibera district, where many farmers have been trying to sell crops.

A resident said the tractor was driving through the wheat belt when the driver apparently mistook a nearby field for a wheat field.

"Two men jumped out of the trailer and were killed. They were two farmers," the man said. "There were several victims. The next farm in the field didn't have a single person killed."

Witnesses said they saw at least a dozen people being carried away in stretchers.

Two tractor trailers, including one that failed, were set alight as they were approaching the scene, according to a witness who identified himself only as 'Mukar'.

"These people were trapped, the whole of it. They were just shot, it was awful."

Mr Mukar told local daily People's Daily that the vehicle had failed on a steep slope and, as a res바카라ult of the collision, the driver and his companion fell into a field of the same area.

He said he heard men from an adjoining field complaining about the tractor pulling up next to them.

"At the time, they told us they had just had bad weather, that this was a field which was supposed to be fertile and not a wheat field. So they said they had no idea that a tractor trailer driving through a field could cause this sort of traffic chaos."

"Two truck drivers had lost their lives and one of them died in the accident," he said.

Another local resident said he had seen seven ambulances at the scene, but the local hospital said in a statement that their members had arrived by helicopt더킹카지노er.

Kibera has long been plagued by serious crop failures, but these have become more frequent since the government-led M20 development programme started a decade ago.

This programme, which aimed to modernise farming, is estimated to have lifted about 8% of the area's agricultural output.

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