Most people don't read nutrition labels

A very interesting study came out, it showed only 33% of participants regularly looked at nutrition labels on the foods they purchased. For the study, University of Minnesota researchers recruited 203 participants to gauge what kind of information people looked at before deciding to buy a food product. The task involved a computer-based grocery shopping exercise in which the volunteers were shown 64 items — typical products like cereal, crackers, soup, cookies, ice cream — and asked to indicate whether or not they would buy it.

This means if you're not reading labels, you're consuming a lot of calories and fats you don't realize - one of the main contributors to unwanted weight gain and obesity.

A number of  food manufacturers have begun using the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Facts Up Front label, which is a series of 4 white tabs containing calories, fat, sodium, and sugar. Manufacturers also have the option of adding two tabs that include information on two key nutrients (such as Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin A, etc.). These appear on the front of a products and are in addition to the standard nutritional labeling.

Do you read labels for calories and fat on a regular basis?

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