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I've tried looking on Calorie King and a few other websites for the brand name of the paste, but no luck there.

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Question by JJ: What's the difference between a "calorie" and a "kilocalorie"?
In Japan, all the food packages say "Kcal", which is short for "Kilocalorie". Is there a difference between a Kcal and a regular calorie?

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Answer by Lacey
Kcal is the same as the U.S. Calories (note the capital C). A [...]

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On the back of many or most food items they have the number of calories per serving, then underneath it they have fat calories. Are fat calories added to the overall calories, or have they already been added. Thanks for any help.

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Why does it matter if calories are regular or fat calories? Aren't they all going to become fat anyway? So, if I had two granola bars--one with 100 calories and the other with 70 calories and 30 fat calories--wouldn't they be the same?

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Calories from fat will make you fatter right? Is it better to eat calories from sugar than calories from fat if you want to get slimmer?

Also, does calories from sugar count as calories from carbs?

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