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I realise how unhealthy this is, but this is for an acting oppurtunity I have worked hard for. I have calculated that to lose the amount of weight I need to for the role in seven weeks, I need to eat a strict 500 calorie per day diet. What's the best way of doing this? [...]

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For instance, if a person decides to go on a 1500 calorie per day diet. If three pieces of cheese pizza are eaten for this day, each 500 calories. The person eats nothing else - so the calorie limit of 1500 is adhered to. Or, say that person eats 1500 calories a day of [...]

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Hi, lets say today i ate 2500 calorie and my limit is 2000 calorie a day, can i eat 1500 calorie tomorrow to balance or deduct yesterday's intake?

Thanks in advance.

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