CNN's Kyung Lah sinks her teeth into a calorific promotional deal between Burger King and Microsoft. America may be the home of the corporate tie-in and super-sized fast food. But Japan may have just outdone the US in both fields. In honor of Microsofts new Windows 7 operating system, Burger King has served up a seven-patty burger. This mighty monolith of meat, more than five inches tall, will only be available for seven days and only in Japan. The Windows 7 burger favors the early birds. Each day, the first 30 customers get the Whopper for 777 Yen (about $8.50). Stragglers must pay closer to $17. But if you feast upon one for breakfast, youd best avoid food for the rest of the day. The Whopper packs in about 2100 calories more than you should eat in an entire day, according to the FDA. Burger King and Microsoft have had cross-promotions in the past. In 2006, Burger King offered $4 Xbox 360 games featuring the restaurant chains King mascot.

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