In researching the ActiTrainer Calorie Counter, we found it's a whole lot more than just a gadget to count calories. This is a must have tool to help you know not only how much you've eaten, calories burned and a whole lot of good information.

Researching user reviews were found that ActiTrainer was chosen more often over the BodyBugg because it's simply a better deal. Couples will especially like the ability of the ActiTrainer to enable two people to work out and track their progress. There is a discount for multiple subscriptions to their service, again more savings which is always a good thing.

The ActiTrainer includes a recharable battery as well as a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. The entire tool comes with a protective case and easily attaches to a belt. There is also a hip or arm band option if you're more comfortable wearing it that way.

One point users brought up about the ActiTrainer is the accuracy of the readings. It was repeated often that the ActiTrainer is so easy to use, you just have to remember to put it on.

Based on these positive reviews - we recommend the ActiTrainer and as with all of our product recommendations, if you're not happy - you can get a full refund within 30 days of delivery of your ActiTrainer. If you'd like to read more just click the image above and you can see more reviews and the specs.

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