One of the biggest hurdles dieters face is recognizing when they eat.  Writing down what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat will yield some truly surprising results. Often you may walk past the breakroom at work and if there's food out from a company gathering or maybe someone brought in cookies as a pick-me-up for the office - you may wind up eating for more of those cookies than you ever intended.

Keeping a food diary for a week will often pinpoint when you're snacking the most. Often if you're watching television or online, you may eat more than your realize. It's convenient and easy to sit down in front of the t.v. with a bag of chips and suddenly you'll realize you've polished off a full bag.
If you want to know how many calories that is, simply use our calorie counter (free) and put in the type of chips you ate and see how many calories are in those chips per serving. Times that number against the number of servings and you'll have arrived at the total number of calories.

Another great use for a calorie counter is making a diet plan. You can write down the foods you'd choose to eat, look up the calories and make sure nothing too high calorie is sneaking into your diet plan.

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