I've tried searching it out and I always came up short. Either the website was more informational without calorie counts, or it had calorie counts but they were very few and were mostly concerned with home cooked chinese food. I'm looking for a clear listing of most all chinese takeout meals and their calorie counts. Particularly, at minimum, if you can find me the calorie count of a pint of shrimp and broccoli with the cup of white rice, I'd love you. That's what I eat 90% of the time. I'm on a binge lately trying to find calorie counts for as much as possible, and the chinese food has just been giving me a headache because I usually have at minimum one chinese meal a week. Please let me know if you find anything. Also if anyone knows a chinese take out place that actually has their own listings, email me, and maybe you can fax me the sheet. Thanks guys.

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