One of the biggest saboteurs to a diet plan can be those all too easy to make fast food runs.  Knowing the fast food calories you're eating can go a long ways to helping you stay on your diet plan. Also watch out for the fat grams in some of the "healthy lunch specials". One fast food restaurant was advertising their 500 calorie/5-dollar lunch however that 500 calorie lunch packed a whopping 35 grams of fat.  When you eat extra fat, you will wind up storing it, unless you burn it off through physical activity.

If you want to get an idea of what some good choices would be on those times you eat fast food, use our fast food calorie counter and write down a small list to keep in your wallet or purse to refer to. You can access our fast food calorie counter here.

What has 500 Calories and 26 Grams of Fat? McRib is Back!

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