8000 calorie lunch

8,000 calorie lunch

Holy Calories Batman! Have you heard about the recently opened Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas? This is a place that embraces and promotes morbid obesity and customers who tip the scales at more than 350 pounds eat free. As you can guess from the name, The Heart Attack Grill specializes in food that's bad for you.

Not only does it place advertise eye-poppingly high calorie food, it also lets you know it's bad with a hospital theme complete with an ambulance parked out front. Your servers are dressed like nurses and the owner calls himself "Dr. Jon." You also get a hospital gown to wear as a body napkin if you wish.

high calorie food

a killer burger from the Heart Attack Grill

The dish that has the most people talking is the "Quadruple Bypass" — four half-pound burger patties topped with cheese, bacon and no lettuce (lettuce is for wimps). If you order it with the fries cooked in lard and the triple butterfat milkshake topped with a pat of real butter, you'll be getting 8,000 calories worth of food.
Yes, 8,000 calories.

Curious about how long it would take to walk off that many calories?
The average person burns about 100 calories walking a mile, which means you'd have to walk 80 miles to burn off that Quadruple Bypass with fries and a shake.

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