When you're trying to develop a way to lose weight, you may not think you eat very much, but if you just write down what you eat for 3-5 days, you will be amazed at the times you eat and you don't even think about it.

Many people who struggle on diets are "drive by eaters" meaning they cruise through the kitchen and just grab a little something and usually don't even stop to eat. One women that kept a food diary was amazed to discover that she went past her kitchen and "nibbled" in a small handful of dry granola cereal. When she totaled up that she did this 4-5 times a day and the granola was 24 grams of fat per half cup serving she was able to see that through snacking on what she thought was "just a little" cereal here and there was really adding up.

If you're finding that your weight loss efforts are plateauing or you're struggling to lose weight, keep track of your foods and calories for a few day with a calorie diary - it's extremely eye opening.

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