Okay, it's almost Halloween and you know what comes after that, the much anticipated yet dreaded by your waistline - Holiday Season. If you even have the smallest circle of friends, chances are oh so excellent you will invited to enough high calorie shindigs to expand your belt.

Fortunately, we have some good tips here at Calories.net for enjoying yourself and not consuming a ton of extra calories.

First of all, relax. One night of enjoyment won't undo the hard work you've been doing for staying healthy, however too many times of it will definitely blow any progress you've made.
Many people adopt the 19/21 rule. Ever heard of it? They try to eat 19 healthy, calorie and nutrition conscious meals per week and that leaves 2 meals open for special occasions and if you want to indulge in that after dinner cheese cake slice and coffee, you can without guilt or a second thought.

Another trick many calorie counters use is to eat something like a salad or a healthy choice before attending a party. You're not as hungry and you won't be as tempted to cruise through the appetizers two or three times because you're famished. Another good thing to do is bring a healthy snack or two that's low cal and filling. You may make some new converts and at least you'll have some good choices too.

Alcohol can lead to more eating. Some people feel the need to eat more when they drink, if you're one of those people, you may want to skip the drinks or limit yourself so you don't feel the urge to endlessly snack on top of a glass or five of wine.

There's nothing to show that drinking a huge glass of water will do anything to kill your appetite after about 30 minutes. It's a far better solution to just make some healthy choices and if you do decide to be a little "bad" calorie-wise, try to limit it and just enjoy the holiday season coming up above all.

More good tips are over at http://www.sacbee.com/2011/10/27/4011189/how-to-avoid-scary-pounds-this.html

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