Question by lady_shila83: What is the difference between "calories" and "calories from fat"???
Are the fat calories what I should be more worried about? I dont think that would make sense though. :o\

Here's an example for something I just looked up...BBQ chicken sandwich at Carl's Jr. is 360 calories (40 calories from fat). It's definently one of the better choices they serve. But I'm trying to figure out what the "40" means exactly...could you help me out?
When you look at the Famous Star, its says, "660 calories (340 calories from fat)" What does this all mean exactly? How can I make sense of this andw hat should I be more worried about, to keep an eye out for???

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Answer by MissHot1
calories from fat are the one's you should be worried about, especially if you don't work them off because they'll turn to fat...but calories from fat is the amount of calories in the food that is has fat in it..for example, the carls sandwich has 40 calories of all fat and the remaining 320 calories are calories to use for energy..but hopefully you're not eating too much of the above items because they contain loads of fat and other bad things like lots of cholesterol and sodium

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