Question by CupcakeHater: can you "predict" the cals in this mouthwatering pizza?
I don't live in the usa,and in "calorie counters"they put american foods only.Anyway I wanted to have this pizza but the nutritional info isn't even on their website!So maybe you can "guess"how much calories it is...I used to have it before starting dieting(it doesnt sell by slice,but a WHOLE pizza)and ate half of it.Now I'm just gonna eat 3slices...I'm only 13,I'm trying to maintain my weight,I did hard work to lose weight(well,I never was overweight,but I did feel quite curvy,now I'm still on healthy bmi),I dont wanna gain it again =( Oh and I know a treat "from time to time"is ok,but I had haagen dazs icecream saturday,yesterday a BIG bar of chocolate and tomorrow this lol,so I'm not sure it's ok.

Anyways,how much calories would you think this is?
(I'm having the margharita,so no need to count those shrimps or whatever that is in the filling,it'll be replaced by tomatoes,with the cheese of course)

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Answer by Liz
Hmm...just a random guess -- maybe 200-300 calories per slice? Plus maybe 15 - 20 grams of fat? Whenever I eat pizza I always soak up the extra grease on top with a's pretty scary how much comes off too.

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