Today is Monday, August 1st and it's a great day to get on the healthy eating wagon and start your weight loss program.

It's easy to start, just simply keep track of what you eat for a week. If you've already had breakfast, take just a minute and write down what you had. makes it easy.

Just sign up (it's free and no, we don't give out your information), and then create your own personal food chart. The calories and nutritional information will be calculated for you and it's very easy to identify bad food habits quickly and understand what may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

You can create a free Food Chart for yourself here : and access it from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Some people enjoy printing them out to keep a food diary and you can certainly do that too.

The diet you can stick to that will be become a healthy lifestyle choice is the one you can design for yourself around the foods you like and eat the most.  There are healthy options for nearly every type of food you enjoy, start exploring ways to eat the foods you enjoy in new, healthy ways and you won't feel deprived and you're going to be much more likely to get to a healthy weight as well as maintain that the rest of your life.
Imagine being off the diet rollercoaster = you can do it!

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