www.FATASSTOBADDASS.COM For the best FREE Guy Weight Loss Program Go tothe above link where I take you through 8 weeks of free guy work outs (aimed at building slabs of muscle and melting fat), with videos, meal plans, and recipes! For the best FREE Female Weight Loss Program Go to http where I take you through 8 weeks of FREE female work outs (aimed at sculpting and toning the stomach, hips, thighs and back of the arm area) with sexy videos, slim meal plans and sexier recipes to get you divine in no time! I personal put my women clients through this plan to get them lean for summer! JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER- twitter.com The biggest dietary question I receive is: how many calories should I be consuming for my body? Well in both my free fat loss programs, my male and female programs I go much more into depth about how activity, BMR, age, height and other factors influence how many calories you should consume. For now you have to watch this video: There are problems with counting calories. If you commit these errors, you can count till the sheep come home and it won't make a DIFFERENCE. The three major problems with calorie counting are: its a poor estimate at best, it causes you to focus on quantity not quality of calories and it detracts from other important factors for your weight loss success. There are three problems with counting calories. 1. Its a poor estimator We don't know the true value of calories, they are all estimates. Two ...

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